I’ve never owned one Rolling Stones album. And that’s pretty amazing, considering I began my record collection at only 10 years old (with Led Zeppelin II). I do remember a “Jumping Jack Flash” in my pile of 45s, but how I went without owning the legendary “Sticky Fingers” record is beyond me. But their music was so prevalent at the time that you couldn’t help but hear it, as I did as a faithful WPLR FM Radio listener…nod to the late great Stoneman, Marcia Simon, and Smith & Barber.

Typically, I prefer to be present and not distracted at a concert so I can enjoy the show. However, when hubby and I went to see the legends at Levi’s Stadium—their No Filter show in Santa Clara had been postponed from May due to Jagger’s heart surgery—I made it a game to write down as many songs as I could. I video’ed a few of my favorites as well.  I especially enjoyed Honky Tonk Woman, since I vividly remember the first time I heard the song; blasting so loud out of the basement of the house next door when we lived in Quebec, Canada, that my 8 year old ears thought it was live; the coolest song I’d ever heard!

HONKY TONK WOMAN – Performed at Levi’s Stadium on 8/18/19

So here you have it…the Set List from last night’s show:

Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Tumblin’ Dice
Out of Control
Rocks Off
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Sweet Virginia*
Let it Bleed
Sympathy for the Devil
Honky Tonk Woman
You Got the Silver*
Before they Make me Run*
Miss You
Midnight Rambler
Paint it Black
Brown Sugar
Start Me Up
Gimmie Shelter

The asterisks next to 3 songs, are the ones we had to look up. And truth be told, if we hadn’t watched the Stone’s Netflix Documentary “Ole, Ole, Ole! A Trip Across Latin America” the night before, I wouldn’t have known the name of “Out of Control.” And here’s a fun fact that I just heard on the morning news. The 49ers (who own Levi’s Stadium) actually negotiated with the city of Santa Clara to let the band play an hour past the 10pm city curfew; apparently this has never been done before. I’m glad I got to see the Rolling Stones with my husband in what will most likely be the last tour for this iconic band. #grateful #rollingstones #levistadium

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