Gentle Yoga in the Park

What we want out of a yoga class in our twenties is often different than what we require in our fifties. We can’t always hold those difficult poses anymore. So I was looking for something a little easier on my body, a practice that incorporated breath with the poses, and didn’t leave me in pain the next day. I found just what the doctor ordered in a Gentle Yoga class offered at the Cultural Arts Center in Pleasanton, taught by Beth Fox.


Connecting to the breath with the strap

Beth uses a combination of traditional Hatha Yoga and Iyengar Yoga in her practice. Hatha Yoga uses the breath and asanas, or poses to attain a relaxed state. And Iyengar Yoga supports the achievement of relaxation with the use of props – blocks, bolsters and straps. In the photo on the left, the strap facilitates breath connection to the back. The photo below shows the use of the strap in quad stretches. And below left- how the strap is used to create Hammock Pose.


Quad Stretch



Hammock Pose









When Spring turns to Summer, Beth’s class moves outside. Yoga in the Park multiplies the wondrous effects of Beth’s practice with the senses stimulated by the outdoors – like a visit by a hummingbird, or a toddler stopping on her walk to catch the class in child’s pose…or rolling around like happy babies…


Child’s posing using bolsters


Happy Baby Pose







Child’s Pose feels fabulous with the support of a bolster-above, as does the use of blocks to support your head in Pigeon Pose – below left.  And finally, below right, we are grateful that Beth incorporates Yogassage in to her classes – a combination of massage and therapeutic yoga bodywork. 




Pigeon Pose


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