Springfield/Money/Loverboy Score Triple Play!

MoneyLoverSpringI never purchased an album featuring any of the performers whose concert I recently attended, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. Most people of my generation have heard at least one song from Loverboy, Eddie Money, and Rick Springfield – musicians popular in the late 70’s and 80’s. And if you don’t know the hit Jessie’s Girl, you might have seen Rick Springfield portray Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital during the Luke and Laura days. Most women find him attractive, but I’m psyched that Springfield just published a novel called Magnificent Vibration.

Hot factor aside, I was more impressed with Springfield’s humbleness. Musicians and actors typically go to great lengths to keep their fans at bay. And Springfield certainly has some pretty die-hard Rickaholic groupies. So I was pretty impressed when the performer decided to take a foray out into the fan-filled frenzy. There was no runway added to the stage; Springfield actually took his fan’s arms as they guided him across their chairs. It was a very cool Human Touch. You can see here as he comes closer and closer to my cousin and I…

I had seen Eddie Money in 2007 at a show to benefit St. Luke’s LifeWorks, a non-profit for the homeless, where I worked in Stamford, Connecticut. Back then, I appreciated that the “Moneyman” took the time to do a meet and greet after the show and sign merchandise. He did the same at the Thunder Valley Amphitheater, with his philanthropy efforts benefitting wounded veterans. And for a 65-year-old guy, he can still belt out his hits, like Two Tickets to Paradise seen here

The energy was high with the Canadian Band Loverboy’s performance. Who hasn’t sung the words to Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend or The Kid is Hot Tonight? And at 100 degrees, it was a hot night for sure, but this Triple Play was totally worth bearing the temp.

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