Sweet Rewards

ReesesNow and then, we all like to reward ourselves with a treat, especially after a difficult accomplishment.  As a kid, I would ride my bike to Brooks Pharmacy after delivering 42 Bridgeport Post newspapers, where I would buy myself a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  There was nothing like the satisfying taste of chocolate and peanut butter in my mouth. The perfect combination!  Now I savor this treat on Halloween, try as I might to hide the pre-purchased bag until the actual occasion;-)

Pop Tarts

As an adult, one of my favorite treats is Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts – Unfrosted.  I don’t like the frosted kind.  Why ruin a healthy dose of sugar with added sugar?  Totally unnecessary.  But this unique attraction makes the unfrosted, sweet-treats very hard to find.  I had already checked in three stores to no avail.

Last week it was my turn to post my story for my masters portfolio class.  I’m always nervous when it’s my week, and usually wait until the very last minute to post. Then I wait until all my classmates and the professor have commented before I read my suggestions. This time I did it right; I read each suggestion as it was posted and wrote a gratitude response to each person. I was pleased and decided a reward was in order.

So when my son and I went to the store yesterday to buy bread, I decided to take a detour (this was the fourth try).  On our way to the check-out line, I went down the aisle where they keep the sinful treats. I pointed to the frosted Pop Tarts and told my son that I wanted those, only without the frosting.  He looked around and Ta Da!  There they were, hiding below and to the left of the frosted tarts. He pointed to the find, “There they are Mom!” I scooped up two boxes and couldn’t get home fast enough.  We toasted them up and savored every bite of our just rewards.

About Lynne

I am a wife, mother of two and a memoirist. I recently received an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Albertus Magnus College. I am a suicide prevention crisis counselor and volunteer coordinator for a non-profit with a mission to ending domestic violence. Pleasantly Settled was created to blog musings and observations from Pleasanton, California after I moved here with my family from Connecticut in 2012.
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